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Writing and Editing


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Proofreading:       1$/1000 words           1$/1000 words           1$/1000 words


Copyediting:         4.00/1000 words        1.25/1000 words       1.50/1000 words            1$/poem


Content editing:   5.00/1000words         2.00/1000 words      2.00/1000words             2.00/poem


* prices reflect bulk-pricing

How to:

First, send your transcript to my email: [email protected]

    - in e-mail please describe the type of editing you want done, when it is needed by, et cetera

After a response from me, I will let you known the length of time needed and the cost.

To pay, either use Google Wallet and send money to my email OR by sending check or cash by mail.

Editing will commence after the purchase is made. 

For further inquiry, please contact me.


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