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This is me!

Yo, I'm just an eighteen year old girl tryna sell some books. In the future I'd like to be a teacher or editor. So, in order to compensate for my small income, I'm gunna sell some fuckin books.

(P.S. My writing companion Pablo passed away on March 2nd of this year


I sat cross-legged across from my brother in the shed. The sun showed in squares on the floor, making the dust sparkle in its path. I sighed and blew the particles away from me and they swirled around until settling on the old radio. I switched it on, the volume so low it could’ve been the wind whistling.

“You know what tomorrow is?” I turned my attention to my brother again, who sat quietly as always. “My first day of my last year of school.” I gleamed.

“Then I’ll finally be free.” I tipped my head back, my purple hair dripping in the square of light. “Finally.”